Terms Of Service


I will not sell, rent, or otherwise distribute your email address or any of your personal information that I collect during the course of our business or casual commentary.  These Terms of Service are designed not to add fine print or red tape but to smooth our transaction between site owner and visitor/client. You and I deserve to be treated fairly and respectfully and therefore I have these terms set out for both our protection.

My terms will not affect any of your current rights under consumer protection laws.  These terms are subject to change without notice.


You may receive emails or Skype/landline phone calls from me during the course of our business together in matters relevant to your order(s) from jonalford.com or questions you initiate via my contact form. If you opt-in to a jonalford.com newsletter you will receive emails relevant to the content that you have opted-in to receive.

I do not send unsolicited emails, newsletters, or product promotions.  If you email me via my contact form you receive a response to your submission but will not become a part of any contact lists.

Affiliate Promotions and Advertisements:

Throughout the jonalford.com website and email newsletters there will be product or service promotions of which you should assume I am either a paid affiliate or satisfied user.  I do not recommend products to my readers if I don’t highly recommend using them and chances are I’ve used or am currently using the product, service, or book I endorse.

You may see such promotions in articles, email newsletters, product/service reviews, and in jonalford.com sidebar advertisements.

Product Delivery:

Product completion times are set at 1-5 days as an estimate for completion of the initial mock-up installation.  I will be in contact with you throughout the installation period to tweak your install to your liking.  If you have particular installation needs, within reason, that push the project beyond five (5) calendar days it will not be in violation of my normal 1-5 calendar day estimated delivery time frame as those amendments are made per your request.

Website Installation Vs. Website Design:

My services are installation services framed up to help you hit the ground running. I do not include fully customized design services with logo, banner, or image design using Adobe Photoshop or other specialized design suites.  You will receive a site with the foundation installed including WordPress, free or premium themes with light customization, WordPress plugins, some initial site and font color setup that you request and basic setup of your website’s layout.

Purchasers of the Platinum Pack should expect installation of their email marketing sign up form on their website as an included service; that’s  if they already have such a third-party service.  If you purchase the Platinum Pack Website Installation you have ten (10) calendar days from the date of purchase of the Platinum Pack to have me install a form (that you design) on your website.


If you are a customer of my coaching program you should expect the coaching calls to be via Skype (free for you to use) and I will record the session and make it available to you via audio file.  If you require coaching and do not wish to use Skype, I will call you but the phone calls will not be recorded.

Payment and Refunds:

PayPal is my preferred, and currently only, accepted method of payment.  Refunds are sent to your specified PayPal account.

Work will begin on your website only after receipt of your payment.  Once you’ve submitted payment and completed my 3-step process (which you will be auto re-directed to after payment) I will email you with questions and updates on progress if necessary.

Refunds will be honored only if you request it before completion of the installation.  Once WordPress has been installed with your free or premium theme, all plugins have been installed and configured as well as your header uploaded, the site is considered functionally complete and no refund, complete nor partial, will be transacted.  By this point a considerable amount of my time, labor, and resources have been invested in your project.  If you do request a refund prior to the site completion you surrender all my added services and the programs, applications or other additions I make to your site will be uninstalled. You will keep your domain name and hosting since you’ve paid for and registered them but all other traces of my work will be removed.  Upon completion of a refund you are not authorized to duplicate, sell, or share any source files I created for your installation.

Refunds on coaching calls are honored in one hour blocks in [monetary] proportion to the package you purchase.  For example, after the completion of a one (1) hour session you may be refunded the remainder, two (2) hours,  of your total three (3) hour purchase. Also, for example, if you can’t stand me fifteen (15) minutes into our first call you are eligible for an entire refund of your purchase.  After the first fifteen (15) minutes of our first call you will be billed for the entire hour of coaching and you’ll be eligible for a refund only on the remaining hours, if any, of your coaching package.


You own the rights to your header image, about image, or other portfolio images you supply me to install on your web site.  Should you request a refund, I will remove/delete all your files from my computer and notify you of this action. You are not permitted to sell or distribute in any way the coaching audio files or other worksheets produced during the course of our coaching calls.


If you are dissatisfied with any portion of my work please do not hesitate to notify me as soon as the dissatisfaction emerges. I do my very best to over-deliver to each and every customer.  Due to this global marketplace, you and I [Jon Alford of jonalford.com] may be in different time zones.  Please be sensitive to delays in response due to our time differences and my current workload as I do most of the work myself and outsource very little.

My Message:

Your satisfaction with your website launch  is my top priority.  Referrals are immensely appreciated and, as I stated above, I do my very best to over-deliver on each project.  Thank you for choosing JonAlford.com for your web site installation and coaching needs.