Website Services:

The details of my services are best explained on the Services page on my main business at Glass Avenue Media where I currently offer more than simple website design.  Whether you want a custom-built website from scratch or a WordPress based (or other content management system) we can discuss the details of your project needs here when you’re ready.

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Consulting and Coaching:

Goodwill, traffic, and sales and their inter-connectivity is explained here.  This is where you have a chance to get your questions answered.  We’ll [preferably] Skype call and we will drill down to what’s holding you back online. Need a gentle nudge for topics to bring to the table?  Here’s a quick run-down of, but not limited to, what we can cover:

Blog or Website Optimization:  Let’s discuss how we can use your blog as a fulcrum to showcase your varied services and skills. Together we can conquer attractive article formatting, hard-hitting headlines, and strong calls-to-action to turn visitors into loyal fans and repeat buyers.

Removing Hurdles: We get in our own way. You do it, I do it, we are all guilty of doing it.  So let’s take a look at your overall project and instead of simply asking, “what do I need to do next to crush it online?” let’s also ask, “what am I currently doing that is hindering my progress?”  Then we’ll build on top of that;  strategy baby.

Online Marketing Strategy:  You are building a site or having me build it for you.  Or maybe you’ve already set one up.  Now what?  It’s time to get you noticed and place you in front of your raving fans.  Let’s analyze the marketing strategies that will mesh well with your skill set and which new tricks you’ll need to learn.

Burning Questions Answered: What else do you have on your mind?  It’s an open forum where you run the show so jot down any burning questions you’ve had about your online business.  Pricing, traffic, great how-to or where-to-find this or that resource…it’s all open game!

Now there are no overnight fixes.  No miracles and I can’t guarantee you’ll start the next Facebook.  What I’ll tell you is it’s an open chat; we’ll consult like people.  You’ll feel as though we’re sitting in your living room or home office strategizing to take your ideas up a notch. I’d advise a multi-session approach to get more and do more.  It helps to keep you accountable as well since each progressive call we can look back at tweaks and adjustments you’ve made.

Contact me here and share your goals and aspirations. Then I’ll be in touch with you to schedule a call at your convenience.