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Solder Preforms
Solder preforms can provide precise solder amount for the connected devices, which are considered to be an ideal solution for the applications  of PCB assembly, chip connection, auto parts, power modules panel connection, filtered connectors and electronic components assembly, etc. YST can manufacture various shapes of performs in different alloys with thickness ranges from 0.05mm, and also can provide different types of solder performs according to customer demand. All the products have strict tolerances to ensure the accuracy of amount used.
By shape:
Sheet: rectangle, circle, ring, frame
With thickness: die-cut ring, thin-walled ring, particles, corrugated sheet and other complex shapes.

By purpose:
Solder preform for coating, cleaning, SMT filler and low temperature.

Technical characteristics:
1.Low voidage, excellent thermal conductivity
2.Less flux, clean and reliable
3.Solder stable, various shapes
4.Flexible process, strong compatibility

1.Microwave devices
2.High end cables
3.Automotive electronics
4.Semiconductor assembly