Manage Your Time Effectively Using the FEE Mindset

Hourglass For Time ManagementYou feel like you don’t have enough time to start or grow your business.  You also can’t figure out how people can be so productive when they have a 9-5 job, kids, and mortgages to juggle.

Did they become masters of time management?

There’s no secret.  It simply boils down to mapping out a smart routine and adhering to it.  You need to regain control of your schedule and set goals.  Why? Because your budding business is begging you to get with the program.

If you expect to command a fee for your product or service then consider adopting the F.E.E. mindset to get results.

What is the F.E.E. mindset?  Glad you asked;  it’s 1/2 mindset and 1/2 lifestyle design.  Now let’s take a closer look.

Frame Of Mind

Decide if you are willing not just wishing.  You need to tune your mind to the idea of putting in the effort required to follow through with your idea.  Commit to gaining momentum because most of the battle is won by taking that first step.

At this phase your mindset should be accepting of the future sacrifices you’ll need to make in order to achieve your goals.

Eliminate Distractions

Over-indulge your tweeting habit and I promise you those urges won’t get you any closer to your goals.  Honestly, the only solution is to log out of your social networks (if used solely for play), shut off the TV, and get to work.

But how do you find the motivation to shut out distractions?  One hack that may work for you is a nifty mind control trick.  Envision your project or item on your “to do” list being complete and a) your feeling of self-accomplishment and b) people, customers, or you enjoying the value you’ve provided from completing that task.

Now practice slipping that thought into your conscious mind to light a fire under you whenever you’re flushing time down the drain.

Establish Routine

You have your mind made up; you’re going to follow through this time.  You’ve identified the time-robbing distractions that plague you and thwarted them with a motivational mind trick.  Now you’ll rediscover pockets of time each day that you can use to sneak in some progress.

Spending an hour fewer per day watching TV?  Suddenly, Mrs. Real Estate Agent, you have more time to find interested home buyers using Twitter search.

Try cutting out Farmville and YouTube surfing and use your rediscovered hours to network with other online business owners.

The more disciplined you become about making daily progress the “luckier” you will become in business.  Hint:  it really isn’t luck, it’s simply being proactive and advancing one step closer to your desired result each and every day.

Your 2011 Productivity

Use the FEE mindset to make 2011 a banner year for all your endeavors.  Which tricks and life hacks do you use to get more done?  Share your tips below.

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7 Responses to Manage Your Time Effectively Using the FEE Mindset
  1. Sarah Russell
    January 22, 2011 | 10:27 am

    Your point about cutting distractions and finding small chunks of time to get some focused work done is spot on. It’s amazing how much time you can waste online if you really want to!

    One thing I’ve had to do in the past is keep a running tally of the number of times I visit different websites during the day. Even a quick “sneak peek” at my email inbox adds up if I do it 20+ times during the day! That’s time that I can definitely be using for a better purpose :)

    Great post!

  2. wilson usman
    January 22, 2011 | 4:00 pm

    @sarah crazy you mention the inbox habit, I have the same issue.

    Recently I found a great resource that could help me out. check it out!

    You might like it too Jon

    • Jon
      January 23, 2011 | 11:36 pm

      Thanks for stopping by and for the resource link.

  3. Pete Carr
    January 23, 2011 | 3:42 am

    Hi Jon,
    I find “Daily do sheets” and “Daily did sheets” very useful. Basically I have one sheet with the dreaded to do list on it, then at the end of the day I transfer the done jobs on to the “Did” sheet. This enables me to see what is important in my day to day stuff and concentrate on that.
    Very informative post thanks.

    • Jon
      January 23, 2011 | 11:35 pm

      I like your idea of looking at the “did” list and getting a snapshot of what’s important (or trending) day-to-day. Thanks, Pete!

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