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YST Presents the Latest POP Solder Paste
Published : 2014-11-04
With the increasing demands and variety of mobile devices, and consumers' eagerness to a reasonable price, "Cost-effectiveness" will be the goal for every electronics design and manufacture enterprises. POP is the technology developed to satisfy the needs of them.

POP Demonstration

In POP (Package on Package), two or more packages are stacked atop each other with a standard interface to route signals between them. This method allows a higher component density in the electronic devices, and thus is the best solution to manufacturers of mobile devices such as 3G/ 4G mobile phones or MP4.

YST's Latest Product: POP Solder Paste

Research and development is one of YST's focuses. Staying close to the trend of electronic industry, YST's R&D Center had been looking into POP back in 2008. Finally, a solder paste FLY905-JM88-T5 was developed dedicated to the use of POP. The alloy composition is SAC305 and can be used for components with distance down to 0.25mm without causing a bridging.