Give Your Business the Workout of Its Life

Image of Woman On Workout MatThis article holds a special place in my head and heart.

I’m writing it and it’s going live tomorrow morning. It’s replacing the post I had scheduled because what happened to me today aligned with the profound steps we discussed on Monday (but on a personal level).

The story goes like this, I’m a weightlifter. If anyone didn’t know it, there you have it.

I’ve always loved lifting and started when I was far too young. Being at the gym is spiritual for me. It gives me mental clarity.

Lifting helps relieve all the built-up stress I have and I can leave all my negative feelings behind me when I leave the gym.

It’s my therapy.

I love the challenge of pushing my limits (and yours). I love the soreness because it means growth is underway and I love the inner peace it gives me.

Peace at the gym? You bet.

The most peaceful moments of my life are the ones leading up to a heavy lift. The world around me falls away. I don’t hear anything. I only see the weight and feel my body as I draw deep breaths and focus.

It feels as though every fiber of my being, even my existence, is channelling all its energy.

Tonight I was at the local Gold’s Gym and was doing my thing. Now, I’m 29 and these younger bucks running around at age 19 are actually fun to link up with at the gym. They’re reckless, they will goad you into lifting weight you have no business lifting (I don’t play into that), and they keep a fast pace.

The guys from tonight are a bit louder than I’d prefer (I’m pretty laid-back most of the time) but I like their energy. Plus, I’ve been looking to step up my numbers anyway so we all started meeting on Tuesdays to train.

Long story short, I shattered a personal record tonight. Not only that, it happened with a small crowd of spectators who were eager to see if I’d conquer the lift. To my surprise, I pressed the weight twice.

The lift was important to me because I’ve been dreaming of crossing that threshold for 16 years. For 16 long years I’ve been chasing after this goal. Some years I slacked in my workouts, others I hit it hard. But over the trailing 5 years I’ve been very steady and making gains.

Tonight I reached my goal.

It was surreal.

I got up from the bench expressionless and there were even a few cheers and pats on the back. Sounds corny, I know, but it’s also true. Honestly, I didn’t even believe it happened. It was like a dream. A dream that left my cheeks sore from smiling all the way home ;)

But what does my workout have to do with your business? What does it have to do with being profound this week?

Here’s my take on my timely epic workout.

Let others inspire you

Being profound doesn’t have to be a one-person show. You may be an entrepreneur, which naturally sets you apart, but that doesn’t mean you have to pull a Jason Bourne and take on the world by yourself.

I let the younger guys inspire me to push a little harder than I normally would. Not so much that it would endanger me, but enough to help me reach the next level.

Keep your eyes peeled for movers and shakers in your industry. Embrace any opportunity to be enriched by them- it’s worth it.

Trust yourself

After doing this for 16 years, I have a thorough understanding of my body. I’m familiar with the pains due to occasional poor form, the soreness and the signals telling me I’ve done too much or not enough. I know what my body is telling me and I trust my interpretation of its signals.

You have to trust yourself. You have to believe that the progress you want to make is within your reach and ability. Setting a lofty goal and then beating yourself up because it seems unattainable or you failed within a week is self-defeating.

Believe that you can achieve the larger goal, or that you can take your profound step, but be willing to take smaller steps that are just as important on the way to your long-term goal.

It took me 16 years of short steps to reach my main goal. Be patient with your trust.

Enjoy your success

I’m still smiling over mine. It wasn’t life altering, just a goal I’ve pursued for a long time.

So, yes, savor even the small successes. I think being profound can take some people aback. It’s daunting. It sounds like you have to do something revolutionary. You don’t have to change the world to consider your step a profound success. You can take pleasure simply in positive momentum.

The extra sale this week: enjoy it.

The completion of your website’s product page: savor it.

Creating that free PDF or editing that video series: appreciate it.

Those are all profound steps if they move your business toward your long-term goals.

Your Words

Tonight I had the workout of my life. This week, this month or even this year could mark the time when you give your business the workout, and growth phase, of its life.

Are you opening yourself up to be inspired by the ideas, influence and projects of others?

Do you trust yourself enough to take a single step forward this week or this month (even if that step scares you)?

Will you appreciate even the small successes and use them to fuel your determination?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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32 Responses to Give Your Business the Workout of Its Life
  1. Marlee
    March 23, 2011 | 10:30 am

    Hey Jon!

    I love this post. Thank you for sharing and congrats on your new feat. I think you take-aways are invaluable. Especially the trusting yourself part. You’ve got to cultivate that in your life if you ever plan to stand on solid ground.

    I must admit you cracked me up with “Now, I’m 29 and these younger bucks running around at age 19 are actually fun to link up with at the gym.”

    I have the same sentiments (I’m 30 going on 31 in 6 days), and I’m like when the heck did I become “old” and start seeing my juniors as “young bucks?” Oh yeah…I remember…it was when (even though I’m an exercise fiend) I still grunt getting up off the floor. LOL.

    • Jon
      March 23, 2011 | 8:47 pm

      Hi Marlee!

      Haha well I’ll be honest I still feel 19. But sometimes after a silly Friday evening and a few wobbly-pops I’ll say to myself on Saturday morning, “uuuh yup. Definitely not 19 anymore.” It’s a joy though, honestly, I’m happy to be growing wiser and like helping the younger guys at the gym.

      Big day coming up for you! Any big plans I wonder? Do tell.

      Thank you for the compliments and I appreciate you sharing your time to comment on this one.

  2. Sarah Russell
    March 23, 2011 | 1:11 pm

    Congrats, dude – that must have been a pretty amazing feeling :)

    I can’t relate on the weightlifting front, but I’m a dancer, and I know what you mean about those few quiet moments before doing something big (lifting a weight for you, performing for me). Nothing in the world quite like it!

    • Jon
      March 23, 2011 | 8:36 pm

      It was and still is, Sarah. Thank you.

      Yes! I’m so glad you know what I mean. That supreme focus that just takes over – nothing else in the world matters at that moment. You’re just completely engrossed in what you’re doing. It’s a wonderful thing and I’m happy to hear you have something that gives you such joy in your life.

  3. Jason from Skyward
    March 23, 2011 | 1:12 pm


    I couldn’t help but smile the entire time I read this…congratulations my friend!

    Realizing any goal after 16 years is a phenomenal achievement because most goals are set and lost within a single day.

    So you have to tell us….WHAT WAS THE GOAL?
    I know you’re trying to be humble and all that, but just spill it bro!

    By the way, love your writing style man…clean and crisp! And thanks for the post, it made my day!

    • Jon
      March 23, 2011 | 8:31 pm

      hehe…thanks Jason. Yea, it really wasn’t a post about boasting or whatever. It really is about the struggle to get here after so long. I benched 405 lbs. for two reps very clean; only supervision and minimal touch from the spotter. No bench shirt, no tricks, no steroids, no nothing. I’m all natural and always will be. I’d never let chemicals rob me of this joy. Awesome night.

      You’re right, most of us abandon goals after a very short time. It’s so hard, it really is, to stay on track and keep pushing. Sometimes it even requires you to dig down deep where you didn’t even know you had any will or determination left and use it. The reward though, Jason? I can’t explain it. All I can do is encourage people to go get some of their own because it’s spiritual (as I said).

      Thanks so much for reading and caring.

  4. Jk Allen
    March 23, 2011 | 7:44 pm

    Fellow weight lifter popping in to show some love!

    Great job on reaching the goal. I know how it it feels to break through those plateaus. I also remember being one of those crazy 19 year olds pushing myself to limits that most would define as crazy, even me!

    My first big goal in weight lifting was pushing 3 plates (315) on the bench. When I hit that (at 18 – I was a football player), I felt like I was on top of the world. Feeling that bar flex up and down after I pressed it was the best.

    Great job. I know how it is and how it feels. I know this post has more to it than the feat you conquered, but I’m so excited for you I can’t seem to shake this topic.

    Great stuff man!

    • Jon
      March 23, 2011 | 8:20 pm


      Yes sir! Excellent man, I understood what you were saying with the 3 plates. We speak the same language hehe That milestone sets most of us far beyond the rest; it’s impressive you hit that level so young. Good for you – have you kept up with it at all?

      It’s such a rush you know? There really is no other feeling like achieving a major goal and, as the case was with each smaller goal on the way here, I find myself setting a new one. So, it just goes to show we’re on a long-term journey with a long series of goals not a single definite one.

      Thanks for understanding!

  5. Dahlia Valentine
    March 24, 2011 | 10:10 am

    Hey John… That’s a fantastic story. 16 years??? Wow! I could feel your excitement beaming in this post, so congrats on meeting your goal.

    I remember when I started weightlifting — I could barely benchpress the pole with nothing on it, lol. When I was finally able to press two plates, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Tank tops and halters all summer long.

    Weight lifting is such a good metaphor for commitment and achievement. You continuously chip away at your goal until you’re there… shaky… but pushing that weight up. What once seemed heavy and impossible, becomes do-able, over and over again.

    • Sarah Russell
      March 24, 2011 | 11:16 am

      Dahlia – That’s awesome!!! I didn’t realize that so many internet marketers were into weight lifting. Maybe I’ll have to give it a try…

    • Jon
      March 24, 2011 | 6:59 pm


      You put up two plates?! That’s amazing!! I’m very impressed. Yes, it took me 16 years and I have to say it wouldn’t have taken so long if I didn’t slack a few of those years. But, the goal was always there and I just plugged away.

      So true, what once seemed heavy and impossible, becomes do-able over and over again :) It isn’t all about brawn and I’m hoping more people see how much your mental state, control, and perseverance play their parts.

      Commitment to your goals. Dogged persistence. The belief that you can attain. Top it all off with a bit of patience and you’re golden.

      Thanks Dahlia!

  6. Frank
    March 24, 2011 | 10:38 am


    That was awesome. Now that is how you put a spin on things. I don’t workout although my mid section clearly shows that I should I can relate to this in my profession. In the past I was on a poor performing team and therefore I performed poorly. Now we have a few strong performing reps on our team and the entire atmosphere has changed. We are constantly pushing each other higher and higher and by doing so our team is near the top of our network. The is proof that inspiration from others works. Great post.

    • Jon
      March 24, 2011 | 7:02 pm

      Hi Frank!

      Thank you. It’s amazing how much the performance of an entire group or department can be improved when there is just one over-achiever in the bunch. Instead of envying them or cutting them down for trying so hard, join them! So the mid section needs a li’l work, eh?

      Let’s allow ourselves to be inspired and empowered by those who are leading the way in their (our) industries.

  7. Jane | Find All Answers
    March 24, 2011 | 8:49 pm

    Wonderful Jon!

    I used to do weights, Aerobics and swimming about 3 years ago. Now blogging is taking much of my time and hence less workouts. I do household work and take walks to refresh and give my muscles a break.

    Yes that’s nice analogy. I normally use a lot of inspiration from people surrounding me. I think I have an awesome community around online. And, I do trust in me and I am confident that I can achieve my goals.


    • Jon
      March 24, 2011 | 11:19 pm

      Sounds wonderful, Jane. It’s good to take those walks and get some fresh air for sure. Confidence is important, stay optimistic and keep working! Thank you for stopping by.

  8. Stuart
    March 25, 2011 | 3:43 am

    Jon you legend!

    Congrats on your milestone, I know exactly how you feel mate. I do pull-ups at home with my trusty pull-up bar, and I can remember not being able to do 2 pull-ups!

    But I recently managed 10 wide arm pull-ups in a row, and boy did that feel great! So proud of myself then, and I’m proud of you for conquering your personal mountain!

    Keep up the magic progress Jon :-)

    • Jon
      March 25, 2011 | 8:13 am


      Good for you, my friend. Pull-ups are a fantastic workout; some of my friends do nothing but pull-ups, push-ups and sit-ups. That’s it; and those guys are shredded. Keep up the good work, Stu! Wide arm is certainly a challenge.

      Thank you for the encouragement – I’ll keep going (I’ve already set a new goal!).

  9. eric
    March 25, 2011 | 5:42 am

    hey Jon

    Great job on the lift! I used to lift so I know how it feels. I think I still hold the high school record for the hip sled, squat, bench press.

    Inspiration is great!

    BTW the green/orange logo in the header…
    it is kind of hard to see Jon with the orange on orange.

    • Jon
      March 25, 2011 | 8:08 am

      Hi Eric,

      Right on! It’s always nice to leave behind a legacy of records. Have you ever gone back there for any reason and seen your name on the wall or plaques still?

      Thanks for the tip on the header. Chances are I’ll give the site a complete face lift before long. Same bold flavor but a smoother finish :)

  10. Devesh
    March 25, 2011 | 10:17 am

    Wow Another fantastic post jon. Congratulations on this awesome achievement, my friend.

    keep up the rocking work Jon :).


    • Jon
      March 25, 2011 | 5:45 pm


      Hi there I appreciate it! I’ll do my best to make you proud ;) See you soon, D.

  11. Joyce Oladipo
    March 25, 2011 | 6:34 pm

    Loving your article. It’s quite inspiring. I’m not into weight lifting but i know what you mean when you reach you goal. I’ve managed to pile up a lot of weight after my second kid, so my goal for April was to fit back into my wedding dress. So far so good.

    Sometimes when we are in business, we feel we are alone and no one know what are about.

    When we join mastermind groups we get to gather will like minded people that inspires up. No matter how much we trust ourselves we need a put to help us achieve our goals. What have learnt to do is celebrate every success and this makes me feel I’ve been reward for achievement

    • Jon
      March 25, 2011 | 9:45 pm

      Hi Joyce,

      You can do it! Just focus and take one step at a time, you’ll reach your “fit in the wedding dress” goal :) I know you’ll celebrate every milestone along the way which makes the achievement even sweeter.

      Thank you for sharing your story and I hope to see you again. Perhaps the story of your goal for April will inspire others?!

  12. Rowena Bolo
    March 28, 2011 | 9:48 pm

    Hey Jon,

    I read this post last week, but I obviously was sidetracked and I didn’t manage to leave you a comment.

    Congratulations!!! Wow, what a victory! I was smiling when I read this: “The most peaceful moments of my life are the ones leading up to a heavy lift…It feels as though every fiber of my being, even my existence, is channeling all its energy.” Although I don’t do weightlifting (for obvious reasons! lol), you described your whole experience in a way that your passion really shines!

    I also love how you relate this ‘fitness’ achievement of yours with doing business. You posted some very good reminders for all of us. I just had a talk with my mentor, and our topic was having ‘faith’ in the process. It is indeed a process, the very reason we should appreciate even the small successes and use them to fuel our determination, as you very well said.

    Thanks Jon for a fantastic post, as always :-)

    - Rowena

    • Jon
      March 28, 2011 | 10:18 pm


      We all get sidetracked and I’m just thankful you came back to share your comment.

      Thank you for the congrats, you guessed it – I’m passionate about this :) Faith is a tricky part of this entire process. Keeping the faith in our perseverance, faith in our ideas, faith in our marketing…it’s a tall order. But necessary.

      You’re welcome and I humbly accept your compliment!

  13. Danny @ Firepole Marketing
    March 29, 2011 | 11:19 am

    Really beautiful post, Jon. Truly inspiring – thank you so much for sharing this experience and insight with us. The most powerful and important takeaways for me are:

    1. Set big goals and work towards them. Even if they’re on the back burner, don’t give up, and keep on pushing. I randomly got a call today from someone inquiring about my now-defunct start-up MaestroReading. Who knows, maybe it’ll turn into something, and I’ll wake that sucker up. Maybe not, and it’ll take a few more years – but sooner or later, it’ll happen.

    2. You can’t go it alone. And even if you could, you shouldn’t. Why fight through challenges alone when there are so many wonderful people out there who are waiting to carry you past the challenges?

    Thanks for sharing this, Jon, and making me think! :)

    • Jon
      March 29, 2011 | 10:24 pm

      Thank you, Danny. Reaching that goal meant a lot to me.

      Your takeaways align with my intended message, man. Definitely keep pushing and if the goal really matters to you and it’s a long-term deal, it’s okay if it sits on the back burner for a bit. Just don’t forget you left it there!

      There are great people out there waiting to connect with you/us. You’re right, no reason to think we have to brave it all on our own. I’ll have to ask you off-line about the MaestroReading start-up.

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