Your Online Business Needs A Clear Voice

Online business start-up and growth is intimidating; on or offline.  It seems over-crowded in almost every niche or industry online. Nowadays you’ve probably been told or tell yourself that it’s just not possible for small-to-medium sized businesses and individual entrepreneurs to thrive.

There is a lot of noise out there but you just have to be the clear voice that cuts through it all.

You’re probably overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.  Or maybe that’s not you at all; perhaps your site is humming along with a great product suite complete with your own solid USP.  In that case you need my help finding your audience, driving traffic, and gaining sales, subscribers and raving fans.

But if you’re lacking on having a web presence or getting your word out and growing your online business then you’ve come to the right place.

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Fact is, there has been no better (or less expensive) time to start and grow your business using the internet. Now, you’ll have to do more than hang out on Twitter and set up a Facebook profile.  You need real connectivity.  You need nurtured interaction. Plus, you may need a nudge in the right direction and help handling the “doing” part. That’s where I come in…

About Jon Alford

Hi, I’m Jonathan Alford (you can call me Jon). Image of Jon Alford I built my first website using only HTML in 1999 and knew one day I’d like to learn enough to start sites for other people.  At the very least I wanted to share any knowledge I acquired with newbies because I knew that starting from square one online, well…sucks. From eBay businesses and affiliate marketing, to informational product sales, and now content marketing and social media engagement I’ve gathered a few nuggets of wisdom to share.

Here on you’ll see my articles on the latest blogging, vlogging, social media tricks and strategies or reviews of products and services I believe will help give your online venture some legs. Over the past year and a half I’ve quietly helped a small handful of private clients develop their own online presence and start “crushing it” online. Here’s a quick  snapshot of my most recent experience:

  • Helped one client conquer YouTube attracting over 600k views employing smart SEO strategy
  • Built a substantial email list for another client and helped them earn money via simple email marketing
  • Edited and published over one-hundred videos and created a membership ready website
  • I’ve ghost written over 100 blog articles (all original; no article spinning)
  • Guided a happy client from domain purchase to building her site to a PR3 ranking in under a year
  • Assisted in kick-ass site development and blogging for a company that helps charities and foundations and is earning money
  • Experience in screencasting, vlogging, logo design, social media engagement and automation

and more…

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Are you already established?  Then I can help you attract more traffic to your website the smart way. You can feel free to just hang out on the fringe and hear, watch, or read what I create; that’s cool too.  Just realize that I’m a regular guy with a sense of ha-ha.  If you can’t take a joke, the occasional cuss, or you believe that a viable business HAS to be in a corporate high-rise with hundreds of cubicle drones then we won’t mix.

I reach out to optimistic go-getters that know they have something of value to share with the world and intend to act on it. Let me help you.

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