7 Reasons Your Online Business Needs WordPress

Wordpress For Your BusinessFor those of you that are new to the internet and planet Earth let me start by explaining that WordPress is a framework upon which to build a website.  It’s the “skeleton” of tens, if not a hundred, million websites on the interwebs today.

Super-blogs such as Copyblogger, ZenHabits, and Chrisbrogan.com are all WordPress based websites with hundreds of thousands of monthly readers between them.  If it’s a solid enough framework to sustain their traffic then I’d say you and I are in fair shape using it.

Here are seven great reasons I personally use and recommend WordPress to others for their online businesses:

1.  No coding skills required

In 1999, I built my first websites in two weeks’ time using only HTML with a paperback book as a guide.  Frankly, it was one of the ugliest piles of digital vomit I’ve seen but boy was I proud.    These days, after registering a domain name and getting some hosting you can have a site up and running with WordPress in an afternoon; sans HTML or coding knowledge.

You can create a page here, load a picture there, add some text and shazam!  Instant website for your business online.

2.  Incredible design flexibility

There are countless customizable WordPress themes.  Think of  WordPress as the painter’s easel while a theme is the paint and canvas.  Even though you can use a basic version of WordPress right-out-of-the-box, with the availability of premium (paid) and many free themes you can easily set your website apart with an attractive design scheme.

3.  Interaction

Want to encourage conversation on your site?  WordPress comes standard with commenting functionality.  Why would you want people to post comments to your articles, pictures, and videos?  Search engines now seek this level of interaction and reward you with more free search traffic.

People associate with people; not flashy Buy Now buttons or 3D logos.  They want to know whose material they’re reading and the story behind the scenes.  Commenting creates a community of fans and transparency in your content and branding which WordPress helps foster.

4.  Dummy-proof SEO

You’re busy adding photos of your products, text descriptions of your services and/or videos of your offer.  You don’t want to spend all your time worrying about search engine optimization (SEO).

Search-Engine Optimization, in simple terms, is the practice of tweaking your site’s content so it is easily and accurately indexed in the major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

If you build a site from scratch you’d have to hard code all the search engine friendly lines of gobbledygook in the background so the search engine crawlers can find your site and “know” what it’s about at a glance.

WordPress does this for you and with extra features and custom themes you have even more options to further enhance your SEO.  This helps with natural search engine traffic which is the holy grail of online content publishing.  Free search engine traffic makes business online much easier.

5.  Set It and Forget It (kind of)

Say you are on a roll writing articles on Sunday for the entire week.  You got inspired, you have three articles written and you’re antsy to get them loaded onto your site.  Why rush and publish them immediately?

Right within your WordPress dashboard you can schedule your article to publish at a later date and time.  Do your editing, check your links, and set the time you want it to publish.  You could forget it at this point but I always advise you give the article a once-over the day before it goes live.


We tend to miss grammatical, spelling, or formatting errors and if you step away but come back to the article later you’ll find the errors.  Internet magic.

6.  Plugins for Enhancement

There is a very long list of free plugins (programs you can add to WordPress for free) that enhance your blog’s functionality.

You have spam blocking plugins, ones that allow subscribing to comments, and others that makes your site load faster.  There are social media plugins that link to your Facebook or Twitter and vital ones that backup your entire site.

Limitless opportunity, yes, but you should limit the ones you use simply due to site load time and plugin compatibility. More on that in a later post…

7.  Ecommerce friendly

If you use WordPress you’ll have compatibility with PayPal for payment acceptance and the option to use products such as WishList Member to create a membership site.  The monthly payment model for accessing premium content is still going strong so don’t discount the idea!

By-the-way, PayPal and WL Member aren’t your only options for those services they are simply for illustrative purposes.  You get the point :)

Get Started Today

You have the facts.  You see the benefits to using WordPress and now you’re hooked.  So grab yourself a domain, resolve it to a host like HostGator and join the rest of us online today.

Any questions?

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